Forgiveness is not a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card, Part 5 OF 5: CONCLUSION

This is a five part series, authored by Brandon. Please read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.


As we have looked into Scripture to consider if being forgiven means “it never happened,” the point of critical failure occurs when you insert the backsliding problem.  If (1) sinners must give an account of all of their sins, and (2) if a Christian is capable of backsliding, then God cannot truly forget our sins until we are no longer capable of backsliding.  The only way to maintain that forgiveness means that it never happened is to disprove either of the two premises just mentioned.  I’m not aware of any person that has tried to disprove point (1): we all agree that sinners must account for each and every sin.  The only way to overcome premise (2) is to invoke Calvinism, which I do not think Calvary Temple is interested in doing.  At least not after they so artfully argued that Calvinists are heretics, after several ex-congregants chose to go to a Reformed church.  Actually, it was a chance to hear Jon Miller at his best.  I believe his argument was “Calvinism is stupid.  You would have to be an idiot to believe it.”  No, the irony was not lost on me.


Excluding Calvinism, we must conclude that God choosing not to remember our sin is much different from the human notion of forgetting.  There is a sense in which God forgets our sin.  But it must be pointed out that, if we really believe that God lives outside of time in such a manner that He sees past, present, and future simultaneously, and if we further believe that our God is all-knowing, it doesn’t make sense to then assert that He has forgotten our sins in the same way that we might forget things.  He cannot lay aside His omniscience in the sense that He can forget our sin.  Furthermore, Scripture indicates that we must give an account of everything that we have done.  How can we give an account for something that God forgot?  Since we aren’t Calvinist from the perspective of “once saved always saved,” the “forgetful God” argument forces us to hold to the notion that if one were to turn their back on Christ, the sins that God had forgotten would somehow be “unforgotten.”  Of course that is nonsensical.  As we have shown, the Bible indicates that God’s not remembering our sin has to do with a position of finality and right standing before His throne.  He knows where our sin is: it has been vicariously placed on Christ’s account and Christ’s righteousness placed on our account.  This effectively cancels the debt of our sin, but it does not mean that it did not originally occur in the first place.  Such an extrapolation is dangerous because it would be used as a waiver for felonious crimes, and men who deserve to be in jail could justify dodging the law because it’s all “under the blood.”


The difference that must be understood is that God’s forgiveness is meant to absolve us of divine guilt, but it does not preclude us from earthly guilt.  It couldn’t.  That would be inconsistent with Romans 13 and 1 Peter 4, as stated previously.  How should we then respond to different levels of sin, especially those that are also felonious crimes?  God does not view all sin equally, and frankly neither should we.  It is folly to suggest that the person who comes to Christ and continues to struggle with mental lust and the person who “comes to Christ” and continues to engage in child molestation are somehow both just learning how to walk out their sanctification.  As Christians we may be called to meekness, but we are not called to be fools.  It is our responsibility before God to use some measure of common sense as we apply the tests for conversion that have been given to us.  We need to understand that the regeneration of a human heart necessarily must cause them to not spend the subsequent years molesting children.


Returning to Scott’s claims, it appears that his interpretation of God’s forgetfulness is different than David’s.  Scott has made the jump from (1) “God does not remember my sins” to (2) “It is as though my sin never happened” to (3) “my sin really never happened.”  Basically, he is playing a game of connect the dots and trying to convince you that the three dots on the page make a square.  My point is that there is something missing in his logical sequence to get from step (2) to step (3).  This is a classic case of “extrapolating from an extrapolation” as opposed to “extrapolating from the Bible,” which has occurred due to his prima facie reading of Psalm 103 and Micah 7 that didn’t consider the original context of those passages.  Had he studied it out a little further, he would have noticed that at step (1), “God does not remember my sins in the sense that I have been freed from the divine penalty of my sins,” such that step (2) becomes “It is as though my sin never happened in the sight of God as it relates to the eternal consequence of my sin,” and then step (3) wouldn’t exist because he would note that steps (1) and (2) do not preclude him from earthly consequences.


Let us return to our thought experiment, only let us replace Jerry Sandusky with someone else.  If we were to look at a young man who claimed to become a Christian in 1969 and chose to attend Bible school and spent the entirety of the years that he was at that school repeatedly and relentlessly abusing young girls, we would have to come to the conclusion that such a young man was never truly a Christian: much less called to ministry.  I know people get catty about how only God knows if someone is truly a Christian, but if they fail the tests from 2 Corinthians 5 and 1 John, I think we have a responsibility to question their salvation.  That’s before you get into the lists of what an elder should be.  Certainly, any person would have the right to say “you know, I don’t feel comfortable with this man being my pastor because I don’t think he qualifies for eldership and I’m not sure he qualifies to be a pastor.  I need to go to church somewhere else.”


If we are all supposed to forget the sins of every person who claimed to be a Christian, then there is no such thing as being beyond reproach.  1 Timothy 3 indicates that being “beyond reproach” is different than being “under the blood.”  It further indicates that there are situations in which we are not expected to treat sin as though it never happened, or else the notion of being beyond reproach would be a nonsensical qualification.  I maintain that Star Scott was not and is not beyond reproach.  His reputation among the world is nauseating, and the behavior for which he alone is responsible makes a mockery of the holiness that we as Christians ought to walk in.  If you are a current CT member and you are still reading, please pause and consider this: if his victims were ever able to draw up the courage to testify in court, there are police standing by that would arrest your pastor today and put him in jail for the rest of his life.  I mean, if we decided that the most basic litmus test for being beyond reproach was that you shouldn’t be able to be arrested for child molestation and thrown in prison for the rest of your life, would that be taking too much upon ourselves?  No, rather the man who begun in such hideous sin and continued in such grave error fits every characterization of a wolf that the Bible gives us.  This isn’t about being empathetic.  It’s about being wise, and applying the tests that the Bible and our God-given common sense compel us to apply.


A CT congregant might point out that the Apostle Paul had a dark past, and apparently he was beyond reproach.  There are several issues that must be addressed with the Star Scott/Apostle Paul analogy.  First off, Saul was not saved when he was doing these things, whereas Star Scott insists that he was. It is important to really understand how this affects his candidacy to be a pastor, which I will outline below:


  1. If someone says that they have become a Christian, and they spend the next three years repeatedly and relentless molesting children, their conversion was not genuine.


It’s time that as Christians we stopped beating around the bush when it comes to basic Bible tests.  If Scott spent the first few years after he supposedly became a Christian continuing to live a habitual life of sin, he was not born of God.  If he had truly been born of God, he could not go on sinning.  This is the plain as day meaning of 1 John 3:9, “No one who is born of God will continue to sin…they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God.”  There simply is no way around it.  Furthermore, as we have already established, not all sin is equal.  Certainly there exist cases where new Christians have to learn to walk in sanctification.  But in extreme cases like serial murder, lifestyles of rape, and continual child molestation, we cannot broaden God’s path to include these categories when 1 John 3:9 makes it clear that they do not qualify.  That being said, there is an out for Star Scott.  He could claim that his original conversion was not genuine but he eventually repented and truly became a Christian some time after this was all sorted out.  As we continue on, we will see the difficulty of such a stance.


  1. If someone is not a Christian, they cannot hear from God.


This is one that has flown under the radar for too long.  Too many TV preachers claim that God endorsed their ministry before they ever came to Christ, as though that somehow adds validity to what otherwise appears to be a failed ministry.  In our hyper-Charismatic culture, we’re almost terrified to point out that someone might not have heard from God, lest we risk “speaking against the Spirit.”  The problem is that we fall into that very error by attributing to the Spirit things He did not say.  I don’t care which flaky televangelist says otherwise, non-Christians can hear nothing from God except His call to repentance.  To believe otherwise flies directly in the face of 1 Corinthians 2:14, which says “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.”  This further applies to the knowledge gained while at Bible College.  Without the Spirit’s nurturing, any heathen in Bible College would be unable to grasp the actual meaning of the Word and would be practically destined to become a slipshod, uninformed, biased, and deceitful preacher.


  1. Just because you pay tuition at a Bible College does not mean you meet the basic qualifications for ministry.


In this case, you have a man who dare I say was not a Christian, could not have heard any call from God  besides the call to repentance, and failed almost every prerequisite laid out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.  He was not (1) blameless, (2) of good behavior, (3) able to teach, (4) not violent, (5) not a novice, or (6) of good testimony among those who are outside (beyond reproach).    Star Scott was the polar opposite of every one of these qualities.  As we have already stated, being “under the blood” does not mean that you are de facto “beyond reproach,” which indicates that God expects more of church leaders than even the basic qualifications for being a Christian, which Scott also miserably failed to meet.


With all these things in mind, it is interesting to note that Scott maintains that he was saved before attending Bible College.  He has to insist that he was saved, or else he has to explain how he was qualified for ministry before being a Christian, which is a hard argument even for him to attempt. If he tries to use the Apostle Paul analogy, there are two other reasons it doesn’t fit.  Secondly, Saul wasn’t actually breaking any governmental laws, whereas Star Scott would be charged with dozens if not hundreds of felonies.  As mentioned previously, being “under the blood” does not mean being “beyond reproach.”  In the case of Paul, there was no legitimate reproach such as those mentioned in 1 Peter 4:15-16 that the world could accuse him of.  Thirdly, Paul actually reminded his audience in several of his epistles of exactly what his sin was, whereas Star Scott has actually lied to his congregation with his smoke and mirror statements designed for the congregants to infer that it was some kind of a one night stand with a grown woman.


Often ex-CT members try to talk to their friends and families that are still in CT and bring these alarming facts to their attention.  Congregants respond to our heartfelt efforts with “he’s been forgiven” as though that somehow means the same thing as “he’s qualified to be a pastor.”  A second response is “it was dealt with in California,” to which I respond “No it absolutely wasn’t.”  I don’t know what happened in Scott’s old church with his old pastor, but it was not “dealt with.”  The only way to deal with it would be to send the man to jail.  A third response from CT members is “but it was a long time ago” to which I respond “that does not preclude him from the earthly consequences of his sin.”


Furthermore, any notion that perhaps he “started out bad” but God “turned it for good” is simply inconsistent with his track record.  He makes up miracles that he supposedly performed and acts as though Jesus Himself endorsed his ministry, and has spent his time destroying families in the name of Matthew 10:34 as though the “sword” that Jesus was speaking of is indicative that the “man’s enemies will be those of his own household” is referring to the people who leave his church!  Ironically, what he seems to be completely oblivious to is the fact that Jesus was quoting Micah 7 which in exegetical context is speaking of a time when heathens will remove the righteous from the land, indicating that Scott has put himself and his church in the place of heathens who are removing the righteous!  And it ought to terrify them that, if my exegesis of Micah 7:6 and resulting interpretation of Matthew 10:34 is correct—and I will mention that it has been the accepted interpretation of Micah 7:6 and Matthew 10:34 from virtually every major Christian writer in Church history—then that places Calvary Temple directly in line with John 16:2 “They shall put you out of the synagogues (churches): yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.”  And when people approach him to inform him that his church looks nothing like the body of Christ, he deceives his people to the point that they would find themselves on the wrong side of the Bible by shunning believers, yet think that they are doing God’s work by doing so.


Another objection that Scott’s supporters will mention is that Ron Walrobe “saw a vision of Jesus” and was told that Scott was to be the pastor at Calvary Temple.  Aside from the fact that this story has grown from the 1980’s version where Ron Walrobe “heard a voice” to the 2000’s version with Ron Walrobe “seeing Jesus,” which seems to break a few Scriptural principles, I will address this issue.  I did not know Mr. Walrobe, so I am speaking solely with the privilege of retrospection that frankly, the 70’s was a time in Charismatic circles where pretty much “anything flew” as far as hearing from God.  I have a strong feeling that, had Mr. Walrobe seen a vision of Star Scott molesting young girls for the three years immediately before coming to Virginia, he probably wouldn’t have heard any voices telling him that Star Scott was supposed to be the pastor of Herndon Assemblies of God, later to become Calvary Temple.  I doubt that, had he known of this scandal, he would have encouraged Scott to remain in ministry.


Lastly, I want to briefly address the notion that Scott purports concerning the “gifts and calling of God are without repentance.”  There are several things to mention about this, but let’s look at the passage in Romans first to determine if it was meant to apply to pastors:


“I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers and sisters, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in, and in this way all Israel will be saved. As it is written:


“The deliverer will come from Zion;

he will turn godlessness away from Jacob.

And this is my covenant with them

when I take away their sins.”


As far as the gospel is concerned, they are enemies for your sake; but as far as election is concerned, they are loved on account of the patriarchs, for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. “

                                                                                                                                Romans 11:25-29


The first question we have to ask is “who was Paul talking about?”  What he talking about pastors?  Is this a passage about being in the ministry?  No.  This is a passage about Israel.  Paul specifically mentions who he is talking about, and clarifies for us that the gifts and callings are because of Israel’s patriarchs.  Really what Paul is talking about is the promise that God made to Abraham and how He will always honor His covenant: when God made His covenant with Abraham, it was irrevocableThis has nothing to do with pastors.  The original audience would not have thought of it applying to pastors, so we cannot either.  There is zero evidence in Scripture or Church history that pastors were “called” for life.  Certainly, we understand that if Paul could have been disqualified from the race he speaks of in 1 Corinthians 9:27, that must include being disqualified from ministry as well.  Even the Calvinists believe a pastor can be disqualified!  If there are qualifications to get into the ministry (1 Timothy 3:1-7), and there are qualifications for staying in the ministry (by logical deduction from 1 Corinthians 9:27), then the possibility must exist that you can lose your ministry.


The Bible does not directly say “pastors can lose their pastorate” just as it does not say “pastors cannot lose their pastorate.”  That doesn’t mean that we can’t derive the proper meaning from Biblical examples and principles.  As stated above, 1 Timothy 3 and 1 Corinthians 9 provide excellent support to the stance that a pastor’s call is not irrevocable.  Concerning examples of similar situations in the Bible, there are many stories of men losing their positions or God stripping them of their roles, including


  1. Saul being stripped on his kingship in 1 Samuel 15:23 “Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has rejected you as king.”
  2. Eli’s house being removed from the priesthood in 1 Samuel 2:30 “Therefore the Lord, the God of Israel, declares: ‘I promised that members of your family would minister before me forever.’ But now the Lord declares: ‘Far be it from me! Those who honor me I will honor, but those who despise me will be disdained.”
  3. Demas losing his place on Paul’s ministry team in 2 Timothy 4:10 “for Demas, having loved this present world, has deserted me”
  4. The churches in Revelation 2 and 3 having their lampstands (candlesticks) removed. Revelation 2:5 “…if you do not repent, I will come and remove your lampstand from its place.”


This notion of an “irrevocable call” being applied to pastors is nonsense and purely heterodox, being found nowhere in Church history until the 1970’s Charismatic renewal.


Ultimately, this really all seems to circle back to Scott’s desire to be let off the hook for his sins and crimes, while at the same time keeping a black book of all of your sins in case you choose to leave.  On the one hand he desperately wants his crimes to be forgotten and for him to be viewed as something other than a child molester.  On the other hand, he can only do that by creating an ultra perfectionist environment in which he is somehow this gifted zealot who deserves to be taken seriously.  If anyone wants to take their family and leave Calvary Temple, he will keep them there through intimidation and by dredging up their sins to remind them of how much they need him, because ultimately his greatest fear is to find himself preaching to empty pews.  The key indicator that his doctrine is false should be his inconsistency in applying it.  What he really wants is the Bible to say that once he was forgiven, it really never happened.  Jerry Sandusky also wishes God’s forgiveness meant it never really happened.  But it did.  And just like Jerry Sandusky, Star Scott needs to be behind bars.  And certainly not behind a pulpit.




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37 thoughts on “Forgiveness is not a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card, Part 5 OF 5: CONCLUSION

  1. stonemason says:


    Thank you for exposing this information. I had no idea this stuff had occurred at Calvary Temple until a few weeks ago, when my wife invited a former CT fellow to come and share his story. It was horrifying, and we did not want to believe so much wickedness could be covered up by so many professing Christians in leadership positions within the church.

    They are the ones who are supposed to protect the sheep from imposters. They are the ones who are to try the spirits, warn the saints, examine those called to the ministry. With so many pastors and deacons abandoning Calvary Temple in the past few years, shame on them if they knew about this and did not speak up after freeing themselves from the deception. Do they have no love for their brethren? No concern for those overtaken by the snares of the devil? No desire to set the captives free?

    This makes me understand clearly now, why P. Scott forgives and keeps at Calvary Temple so many adulterers and fornicators, but casts out on charges of ‘rebellious, unbroken’ people who live truly godly and righteous lives in accordance with a new life in Christ.

    I guess the holy lives of folks would drive a hypocrite crazy. Especially if he is unable to have victory over his flesh……the power of God in a child of God to walk holy and blameless in this present world. This is one of the signs that someone is born again of God. Old things pass away and all things become new! It is a miracle! And it is available to all who sincerely repent of their sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

    “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” 2 Cor. 5:21

  2. TimeToSpeakOut says:

    When a “pastor” says his sin was a single act of adultery and we find out it was almost three years of rape and incest, do we not have a right to go to our wives and children and say “we need to talk about these important matters”. Does not everyone in the church have a right to go to them and say “I am concerned and feel God wants me somewhere else” without fear of losing their spouse and little ones.

    And yet they continue to hold people prisoners out of fear of losing their family. There are many still there who want out. It is time for deacons to speak out and say “No more”. Unfortunately most have knowledge of this event and others and have chosen to keep these things hidden from us all. Who will lead?

  3. LetMyPeopleGo says:

    Thank you Brandon for bringing out the truth about Calvary Temple and its pastor. CT is ruled by fear – though most may not realize it. So many families have been divided and members know if they leave, theirs will be next. Many people stay for that reason alone, others stay because they believe the hype that they are the best. Star Scott’s assertion that when he confessed his sin of 40 years ago, in reality it never happened, is a very useful twist of scripture. If only members of CT would see how self-serving this “teaching” is. If you are a member of Calvary Temple and you really love your pastor, then confront him on his false teaching. He has to answer to God and you don’t want his blood on your hands. As TimeToSpeakOut says, who will lead? As Stone Mason says, shame on them for not speaking out. “It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” Luke 17:2.

  4. Whiterose says:

    I was aware that “something happened that was bad”, because I was told by someone received the letter several years ago, but they wouldn’t reveal what that “something” was that happened in Bob Scott’s past, but I didn’t know it was this extreme. Brandon, thank you for revealing this! The people need to know!

    As one of the recently departed, I have had the pain of losing contact with family that is still there. I have been told that all the children I had contact with were told that “She left God” is heart-wrenching to say the least! But I know I did the right thing. I was unhappy, I was depressed, I was fearful and I wasn’t listening to God telling me to get out. I mean, why would God tell me to get out of a “good” church, but once things started being revealed to me by God, I started to see the hypocrisy of the leadership, the subtle control that they had on my life yet when I left and related that concern to my family, they asked “what control”? I told them, the “you must attend” every Friday Night Fellowship, every service, every prayer session, every meeting, every activity, every basketball game. If you weren’t there, someone would constantly ask you where you were or why you weren’t there.

    It is time to speak out, just as the above posters have said.

    • Kim Stanton says:

      I read the above posting from “Whiterose” and I literally wanted to throw up! I’d like to shed some light on what really led her to leave CT. It wasn’t God telling her to leave in any sense of the word! What prompted her to leave is that she had kindled a relationship with her ex husbands sister’s ex husband. She left because she KNEW that this wasn’t something that a Christian woman should be doing, if she was indeed saved. This young woman was fully involved in the ministries of CT and very happy with serving until she became involved with her ex brother-in-law. NO One put a gun to her head and said “you will attend every function that the church has”. As a matter of fact, there were many times she would head out early from family functions because she didn’t want to miss being at basketball games, or a service! It WASN’T because she would be asked where she was if she didn’t attend. She went because she enjoyed the fellowship there. Just because someone texted her and asked where she was one Friday night, does not constitute being constantly being interrogated by everyone if you miss a function! She was asked because she usually never missed a function there, of her own choosing, not because she feared reprisal! She even went as far as turning in her own Mother to leadership for doing or saying things she felt were against The Word! I’ll get to the underlying fact here, she left because she wanted a physical relationship with a guy. She sent a “goodbye” email to everyone on Wednesday morning using CT as her excuse and God speaking to her to get out. Then that Friday evening she headed to Skyline Drive to spend the weekend in a hotel there with her “relationship”. I ‘m sure God told her to do that too! Since then the guy is living in her house ( she threw her roommate out so she could have him move in). She admits they are sleeping together and are committed to one another. They don’t need a piece of paper to be together. Well the a Bible says fornication is a sin. It’s one of the commandments. The a Bible also says “If you love me you will keep my commandments”. Her nephew and nieces have not been told she left God. They have been told she no longer wants to serve God. Big difference. Reality is, she hasn’t been back to church since she left CT, even though she has said she was attending one. Sorry, but her family do not want their little ones thinking that living with and sleeping with someone outside of marriage is acceptable. She KNEW it would be a problem, but didn’t care. All that mattered was that she now had a man in her life and her parents, siblings, and other family didn’t mean anything to her, just him. They’ve picked up the pieces of her doing this three times now in the past, they won’t be doing it again! All I have shout from the housetops is her posting is a bold faced lie, period! Oh and a “White rose” is a symbol of purity, yeah, she’s pure alright!

      • stonemason says:

        My dear woman,
        Please allow me to offer a gentle rebuke to your recent post. It is apparently the case that you attend Calvary Temple, are intimately acquainted with White Rose, and are angry with her current backslidden condition, considering she has been very transparent about her choices – (which would explain how you are privy to the above stated details in her life).

        In accordance with Matthew 18:15-17 you probably have followed this pattern, but misapplied the last few words…..let him be unto you as a heathen man and a publican. I know from conversations with Calvary folks this is meant to mean no more fellowship. What Christ meant was consider them as one without the knowledge of God. Because as the gospels indicate he ate with sinners and publicans and harlots regularly (Mark 2:16). Hence you now take up the mantle of one came to seek and save the lost. Share the sweet goodness and forgiveness of our Saviour, pray, reach out in love expressing your grief and sorrow and willingness to come to her.

        There is a grievous lack of compassion in your narrative. You ought rather to mourn, considering yourself lest you also be tempted and drawn away of your own lusts. My dear lady I am sorry to say this publicly and would much prefer a private opportunity, but the false teachings of your church must not be allowed to go on unrefuted by scripture. You sound like the elder brother of the prodigal story Jesus told in Luke 15:25-32 or even worse like the Pharisees of the woman caught in adultery told in John 8:1-11. Both received gentle rebukes for their inappropriate responses to their brethren who had fallen. Might I mention in both cases forgiveness was not dependent on the transgressors at all. It was offered freely for the fallen to take or refuse. In the latter incidence, the admonition to the accused was ‘…neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more…’!

        Ought you not to go now to your dear White Rose, and humble yourself, begging pardon for being so harsh and unkind and unforgiving, recalling Jesus words to his disciples when they asked him how many times they should forgive in Matt. 18:21-22. Limitless forgiveness is offered, and the three times you have offered reveals the lack of Christ’s love in your heart for those he died to save.

        Of course you should be always willing to reprove, rebuke, and exhort to righteousness…….being gentle to all men……hating the sin but desiring to recuse those in bondage to it by reaching out to them. Do you answer her calls anymore? Do you stop by her home to share the soon coming return of Christ and exhort to turn back? Do you send her emails of love and concern? Answering her questions and conflicts with patience and prayer and pointing her to Jesus who alone heals all wounds and cleanses our unrighteousness!

        Repent dear lady and serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.
        I offer this in love and kindness from one most likely older in my walk with The Lord than you, and also having battled the self righteousness you exhibit, especially in the days of my youth.
        Your servant,

      • NotBitter, LoveTheTruth says:

        LOL, this is a great post. Most CT people say these kinds of things behind closed doors. At least everyone gets to hear it now. Finally, someone from CT who doesn’t hide behind their Biblical jargon!

        That said…he that is without sin, cast the first stone. Kim, you probably didn’t have to walk out a life of being an older single person in CT, a church that believes that you can only marry within the walls of CT. There is no Biblical Scripture to support that, but you know how Pharisees do. “They heap huge burdens on others yet they themselves are not willing to lift a finger.”

        The sad thing is, Kim, you probably are not that happy where you are, married or not. I hear a lot of self-righteousness in your reaction, which tells me that you are slightly proud of the fact that you have not given up, despite the fact that you have wanted to many times. Be warned…people may be saying the same things about you in the next couple years, when your eyes are opened and you decide to leave. Hope no one kicks you when you’re down. Hope your family doesn’t despise you when it happens. Because you’ll understand why your current reaction is not truly “God’s love”. It’s anger and bitterness, that has been poorly covered up by some Biblical paint, and justified by the teaching you receive on a regular basis.

      • Sydney Case says:

        I don’t know your heart and cannot tell from your letter if you are a Christian or not. But I do know that Christians are known by their love. If you are a Christian then read First Corinthians 13. Pray through it and tell me if you truly are justified in your hate.
        I too struggle with hatred. Towards the people who have taken a knife to my friend’s back and seem to get some perverse enjoyment out of twisting it. Yes it may be righteous anger at first. But it quickly turns unrighteous! Lets call a spade a spade: it is murder plain and simple.
        So I’ll tell you what I will do. When I get through with this post I am going to pray through First Corinthians 13 myself. I am going to ask God to change me and give me love for all men and women. Maybe He has used you to tell me to get the beam out of my own eye!
        Maybe someday you and I will become friends and remember how God’s love and forgiveness of our hatred brought us together! Wouldn’t that be funny?
        “Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law.”
        Sydney Case

  5. Believer says:

    Dear Kim Stanton

    I read with interest your response to a previous commenter. It is clear you have some real issues concerning WhiteRose. They seem to be very personal in nature and to have made you very angry. Your response is concerning her personal life rather than her comment. This is a common tactic of Calvary Temple members. When the truth cannot be refuted, one’s character is attacked. Any one of us can be found to have fault. All of us are sinners, forgiven by God’s precious grace. None of us are perfect. If perfection is the prerequisite for making a comment, then none of us would be eligible to say anything. If perfection was the requirement for hearing from God, then none of us could hear from God.

    So maybe (or maybe not) Whiterose has some current personal sin but it does not mean she cannot hear from God. Whiterose is apparently moving on with her life. If God has something to say to her concerning her lifestyle, I believe He will do so. He will complete the good work He has begun in her. And she will have to deal with the consequences of her current choices in life, just like Pastor Scott.

    I’m not sure if you have read the whole series “Forgiveness is not a get out of jail card” but I wonder what your response is to the years of your pastor covering, hiding, and lying about his heinous sin of 40 years ago. You and your fellow congregants are allowing a man to remain in a position of leadership over you and your precious children. A man that abused children. Just like YOUR children. For 3 years. And lied to keep you from knowing the truth. A man that according to the word of God should have been removed from leadership 40 years ago.

    Lest you say I am requiring perfection from Pastor Scott thus seeming to be in opposition to my assertion that we are all sinners, please be reminded once again of the following standard held for pastors. 1 Timothy 3:2. Now the overseer must be above reproach…..And please re-read this blog for illumination on what it means to be above reproach.

    So yes, I am much more interested in your response to the sin of your pastor rather than your anger toward Whiterose and her sin. I would like to know your thoughts concerning the man who did not reveal his sin until someone revealed it for him. And then led the congregation to believe it was a single act of adultery with an adult woman. And tells his congregation that his good works make up for his sin. And then tells them his sin “never happened”.

    The purpose of Brandon’s study on the forgiveness of God was to reveal the false teachings of Calvary Temple concerning sin and its consequences. It has to do with one man who scripture says must be above reproach in order to lead a congregation. Do you have any thoughts on THIS subject, the subject of this blog?

    I believe your anger toward Whiterose is misdirected; do not be diverted from the real issue at hand. And perhaps you should remember something Pastor Scott has said many times: “Don’t shoot the messenger”.

  6. Erin R. says:

    “Her nephew and nieces have not been told she left God. They have been told she no longer wants to serve God. Big difference.” What is the difference? And how do you justify shunning your own family? ‘…her family do not want their little ones thinking that living with and sleeping with someone outside of marriage is acceptable’ Is god not able to keep them lest they dash their foot against a stone? Though 1,000 fall at thy side and 10,000 at that right hand, it will not come nigh thee. Is god not faithful that will keep his own? Your children have to grow up in the world. Are you going to shelter them from all the unbelievers who are ‘fornicating’? What about liars and thieves? Is not all sin the same in god’s eyes (separating us from him)? Why do you pick and choose (discriminate) who you shun? God loves everyone equally despite and inspite of what they’ve done. All their sins have been paid for (including things presenting happening). We don’t know their end, yet we declare final judgement on them and excommunicate them from us. Shouldn’t we plead with them more-so?! They are in danger of hell fire and brimstone, but we say that their sins are too offensive to us and our children as an excuse to why we cannot love them. Jesus loves and died for a lot worse. But we can’t die to ourselves so we make them (the ‘offender’) die instead. Please, reason your actions out with Jesus and his word of love. I do hope all of the families that have been separated and split are able to reunite in Christ, but its only by his love and mercy working in our lives that they can see the difference; the cold shoulder and holier-than-though attitude is not going to restore & unite anyone.

  7. Sydney Case says:

    Brandon and Naomi,
    I have been following your blog for a couple of years. Yours is the first blog that I know of that ever tried to expose CT. God has used you both to strengthen others to come forth. Thank you,
    Sydney Case

  8. Whiterose says:

    Kim Stanton aka Mom your reaction/post to what I posted detracts from what Brandon posted here. Your personal opinions needed to be left to be said to me personally and not in a public forum such as this. I didn’t go into anything personal or private of and from your life such as you did about mine. Please, next time, if you have something to say, out of anger, tell me personally either show up at my door as you have done before, in a phone call or an email or a text you have my number.

    I never said my “nieces and nephew”, I said ALL CHILDREN I HAVE HAD CONTACT WITH have been told that I no longer love God or want to serve Him, I had contact with more children than just them, remember I served in toddlers and was backup helper to all classes from 3 year olds to 6th graders.

    And just to set the record straight, I didn’t kick out my roommate, she chose to leave when I let all of you know I was leaving CT, she never came back to stay overnight.

    Brandon & Naomi,
    I am sorry that my post took away from what you posted here. It was not my intent. I don’t know if in the future, I will post anything, I do not want to detract from what you are trying to reveal to the masses. Again, I am sorry that my post drew such attention as to detract what you were trying to say here. It won’t happen again.

    Stonemason, NotBitter, LoveTheTruth, and Believer… Thank you, I am not perfect, nor do I pretend to be, but your words are encouraging.

    • NotBitter, LoveTheTruth says:

      Whiterose, I think the exchange showed what truly goes on. I have an entire family still in Calvary that are shunning me because they believe that they are doing God’s service. Your situation is the norm for anyone who leaves, and the reaction from your mom was not an outlier. Whether it’s your mom proclaiming (correctly or incorrectly) your sensitive details on this site, or Pastor proclaiming some of ours from the pulpit, both show the self-righteousness that has saturated the ministry for so long.

      As I said earlier, the mentality of your mom in this post is truly what is believed and spoken about behind closed doors (I heard it numerous times when I was there). Now anyone that happens along this blog will know what truly occurs.

    • stonemason says:

      My Dear Whiterose,
      You are welcome. I wish to remind you of the value of your life, how precious our God considers you…….so much so that he gave his only begotten son Jesus to ransom you to himself. Think about that. Now if you are His already, and you will know if you are, then out of your deep love and gratitude you will desire to do only those things that He does….things which are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, praiseworthy. There is no time left for games with God dearest child, serve Him acceptably with reverence ….. Because you love Him, who first loved you! He is coming any moment now, and we do not want to be ashamed at his coming, but sing aloud with Joy as we behold Him who gave up everything to purchase us for himself. Read the Gospels through again, keep reading….I am praying for you dearest child, and for you and your family to be restored. Forgive your mother, honor her, seek her pardon if you have wronged her. She too, is of immeasurable value to our Lord Jesus Christ.

      And I do not believe you have detracted at all from the purpose of Brandon’s blog. To the contrary, your openness has probably helped a good many with similar issues. Who knows, perhaps it even has convicted Pastor Scott himself.
      Your servant,

  9. Sydney Case says:

    Dear White Rose,
    My best friend was marked about 3 years ago. I have seen her children treat her with hatred and contempt. They have all but destroyed her. Yet never have I heard her say a word against them. She only loves them and prays they will come out. Her love is to me the greatest testimony to Jesus’s love for us that I have ever seen.
    I have met many sweet people from CT who have lost almost everything yet still continue to long for lost relationships with the people they love. The ones who seem to delight in causing them pain. To me that is astounding. I just want to let you know that your post did not detract from anything Naomi and Brandon posted. Instead it just proved it.
    I was just sick when I read “Kim’s” vicious attack. I am even more horrified now that I know her relationship to you. What I am trying to say is thank you. For being yet one more example of love and forgiveness to your enemies. You are precious in God’s sight; don’t ever forget it.
    Hopefully I will get to meet you and all of the dear saints who have encouraged me more than they will ever know. You have many friends here in New York.
    Sydney Case

    • Whiterose says:

      I believe I know who your friend is and I love her to pieces! She was at one time a good friend to “Kim” and spent many hours at her side while she was recovering from surgery after surgery. I was even in her oldest son’s wedding.

      Thank you to all of you for the continued encouragement.

      I know the best thing for me right now is to completely break ties with “Kim” and let go of what I really want from my family, acceptance.

      You probably know who I am, if you still have family there. It’s sad that a church and a man can split families like they have but God is bigger and greater than we can imagine and He will see us through!


  10. TimeToSpeakOut says:


    You have no need to be sorry. I am sure Brandon and Naomi feel the same. The responses to your post are expected. When facts are presented, attacks on character are the only card left to play.

    So let’s present some facts.

    This is from Star Scott’s Linked In page:
    • 1968 Fresno City College – Associate in Arts (not Criminal Justice?)
    • 1969 – Bethany Bible College
    • 1970 – License to Preach Southern California District, Assembly of God
    • 1972 – Ordination, General Council Assemblies of God, Southern California District
    • 1973 – Youth Pastor at Herndon Assembly of God

    Statements in Star II’s email:
    • 1990 – Star admits to Star II and Kimberly of the molestation that occurred at the Herndon church. “Dad, you lied and told me & Kimberly that (name redacted) and one other person took their clothes off for you one time”. “It also continued here in Herndon, VA when you were the youth pastor at Herndon Assembly”

    • 1970 – Star begins molesting the young pre-teen girls. “It started when (name redacted) was 11 years old (Hailey’s Age) when mom was in the hospital giving birth to Kimberly”. Kimberly’s birth date is August 25th 1970.

    • 1970 – 1973 The email states there were times in this nearly three year period when this happened almost daily

    Looking at these facts brings many questions. They do not match up with the narrative of his time before Virginia. They do not match up with the persona created that causes people to think his walk with the Lord is somehow deeper and more successful than most.

    So let’s present some questions:
    • The most important is “Who is Star Scott”?

    • Did he ever play for San Jose State? He never told us he played for Fresno City College. He is not listed as receiving a letter in football at Fresno State.

    • The dates above show the molestations did not occur after Bible College. They occurred throughout Bible College, almost from the very beginning. So here is an important question. Is it possible for someone to perform great miracles for God and raise two people from the dead while at the same time he is committing rape and incest with two little girls. It was not a one- time occurrence but happened over and over and over again. How many times in total?

    • Do you remember the story about Fishnet in the late seventies? Star Scott told us he strongly objected to Mike Warnke being allowed to perform because he was divorcing his wife. He also said he almost refused to teach because of it but in the end decided to teach. He had committed grave sin for three years, only a few years prior to this event. Yet he made a “Stand for God” while keeping his incredible sin hidden. Who should not have taught that day? Which of these sins has a penalty of imprisonment?

    Questions for members of CT:
    • Star Scott hid his sin and then refused to submit to the correction of the Elders of the Assembly of God. Can he now say we must submit to him and can only leave with our family if he gives permission?

    • If his grave sin “never happened”, how can he hold our families hostage with his list of our “sins” and take our loved ones away when we decide we can no longer stay.

    • Can we truly say family members chose to stay if they made their decision based on lies having no knowledge of the details of what he has done?

    • He lied to us countless times over this single topic, should we be believe him now when he says the two girls forgave him or should we be skeptical that he is still lying?

    • Sin is like a cancer, should we not be concerned that others may have committed these same sins?

    • If you knew Star Scott had done these things when you first learned of CT, would you have joined?

  11. hi whiterosei have reread your post and your moms post and it is so very sad that your own mother would write these things. i am a mom and cannot eve fathom writing this here without talking to you personally. what is so sad and i wonder how many really know jesus or are just religious is the fact that they will go to any lengths to protect their so called organization calvary temple more than they want the truth exposed and people set free
    from these sins. he that doeth righteousness is righteous. how about protecting the
    innocent children in there and the unsuspecting people visiting there from their car shows. Do they tell them that if they dont do what they want when they want they will lose their families. Why do they leave these things out of the conversations? because their deeds are evil. If they believe what they are doing is of the Lord, then why not tell the people right away and let them decide if they want to come or leave. What do you all think Jesus is going to say to you all? what is it if you gain the whole world: and lose your soul. i”d say it is pretty important. We will continue to pray that the Lord keep bringing every dark thing in that place to the light. Whiterose, keep your eyes on Jesus , who is the author and the finisher of our faith

    Lover of the Truth.

  12. TimeToSpeakOut says:

    It has been interesting to see what has happened in the recent “markings”. One thing everyone knows about the person who was “marked”. He is not vile. He is an extremely thoughtful, kind and caring person. Does that not say something about Star Scott? Star has done the same thing he does to everyone who leaves. The word is slander. He himself has said “the best way to lie is to tell half the truth”. That is his method and it is very obvious.

    We now know Star Scott has been taped admitting his incredible three years of rape and incest of (Website Administrator’s Note: details have been removed to protect the identity of sexual abuse victims) at the same time he was going to bible college, youth pastor and “raising people from the dead”. Is it really possible to have miracles while committing such grave sins? And over such a long period of time? And now we are told because God called us to be at CT we cannot leave without his permission. Or better stated, his permission is God’s permission. Would God call thousands of people to a place where they are pressured and manipulated and lied to for so many years only to be taken from their family and loved ones? He does not tempt us with evil. Fruit reveals the “call” to be from a different source…

    One thing I have noticed. Our parents came from mainstream churches. Many of them, after seeing the hypocrisy, left wondering if God was even real. They eventually joined the born again movement holding onto the message of “we are different than what you experienced”. Now we have a generation born at CT, raised in this message of “we are your best chance to make it to heaven”, and yet see the obvious hypocrisy of the leaders of CT. We see lies that are so many times more than what our parents experienced. The result is we also wonder if God is real. Not because we love the world but because of the fruit of CT. We still hope that God is real. And yet what has Star said? “This is what happens when you leave CT”. Our doubt is not because we left. It is because of the incredible corruption witnessed at CT. Again, we still hope that God is real.

    Please respond with any questions or even better your experience. It is time to speak out.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Brandon,

    Following your site off and on for the past two years, I am dismayed at the depths of evil found in the cisterns of Calvary Temple and it’s pastors. Recently while having dinner with friends, one of whom is a pastor, we discussed your blog. I asked the pastor why those pastors who have already left Calvary, have been silent regarding the wickedness they must be aware of. We are in New York you know, and everyone knows everyone up here. We know of three pastors in the Buffalo area who were previously associate pastors of Calvary Temple in Virginia. Obviously if they no longer are part of Calvary they must have discovered and walked away from it. But the silence seems puzzling to say the least.

    However my pastor friend commented that in the ministry, if you are accredited with someone, you take on their reputation vicariously. So to blacken the ministry you came out of will hurt your own reputation. Possibly even nullifying your legitimacy as an ordained minister. Not to mention the possiblity you will be tarred with the same brush! In other words, guilty by association. Being silent, he said, is a way of protecting your current ministry endeavors. Hope people do not put two and two together.

    When I asked him what the biblical method of handling their previous association would be, his answer was really well put. He said the only way to please God in this type of situation, would be to put their current ministries in the hands of a loving God, and ‘come out of the closet’ so to speak, admitting the evil, being honest and transparent with all, making efforts at righting all wrongs which they have knowledge of. Definitely not hiding out. He believes judgement is on the house of God, we are in the last days, and that is why so much is being exposed in ministries that have long been hidden. God is holy. If they stand behind Pastor Scott, say so–if not say so. Their deafening silence in the face of these facts points to compromised men in the pulpit who love the praises of men more than honesty with God.

    God bless you, young man for your integrity and courage. We need more of that in these dark days. I long for the days of my youth, when men were men, and willing to take the bull by the horns. My father was one of those kind, and he had his share of battle scars. Once he caught a neighbor manhandling his wife, my father took him out behind the barn for a good thrashing. Told him he better never touch any of his womenfolk again, or he wouldn’t be milking cows for a long time. Nope, they don’t make men like that today. Nowadays it’s all talk, and outward appearance. No real strength of character, to oppose evil.

    A sister in Christ,

    • Thoughtful Conclusions says:

      You are so right in what you said. I came out of CT almost seven years ago. Since that time, I have talked to so many pastors in the area and most did not want to know the details of what CT is doing. They wanted only a general understanding. At the end of each meeting, they would give a list of reasons why they could not do anything. Each time I would ask, “let’s make a list of why maybe we should do something”. They would not. The unfortunate conclusion is most pastors are unwilling to risk their reputation with their peers by speaking out. As soon as they do, their peers will step back and they become the problem.

      The pastor of my new church was very concerned and empathetic for my situation but there was a line on how much he would do. For example, I asked him “It’s a cult, right”? “Yes”. “He is a wolf, Right”? “Yes”. “Well whose job is it to stop the wolf, the sheep or the shepherd?” He could not answer me because he knew that meant he had to do something that would bring difficulty to his life and affect his relationship with other pastors. Another question was; “Are there extreme cases when the church should take an overt stand against someone?” “Yes”. “If this is not one, what is?” Again, no answer.

      The reason this has gone on for forty years is because some of the bad things at CT are in the all the good churches. No one is willing to assist us in our efforts to free our families. There is so much evidence out there to put him in jail and yet we are sheep battling a very devious wolf. I would love to talk with you and your pastor and share more details.

      Thoughtful Conclusions

  14. stonemason says:

    A heartfelt amen! Your friend speaks frankly, and truthfully. May God bless his work as a
    pastor and bless his family.
    Brother in Christ,

  15. stonemason says:

    Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your friends insightful comments. His frank observation is accurate I believe. May God bless him in his work.

  16. Sydney Case says:

    Hi Elizabeth and Thoughtful Conclusions,
    Thank you so much for your posts. We need Pastors and godly men to speak out. The so called “pastors” of CT especially do not respect women in the least. For the men who are reading these posts lease come to their aid.
    Sydney Case

  17. TimeToSpeakOut says:

    As you look at these posts and realize the enormity of it all, one adjective comes to mind that has not yet been posted. Many adjectives have been used to describe what Star Scott is and has done. There are other adjectives that are very accurate but not used because they are too hard to read or hear.

    This adjective is a bit of slang but helps describe what we have seen. The word is looney.

    Here are two links explaining what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is. When you look at Star Scott’s life and how he has treated people from the very beginning, you see the qualities explained in these links.

    Young adults at CT, is this who you want ordering your life and threatening you with losing your spouse or children as they get older? The answer is obvious. Do your homework and know who is over you. Follow the evidence. The answers are so obvious.

    Could this be why so many young adult women are unmarried? They are reaching their thirties and have no options. Could this be why the culture of elitism has treated so many as if they do not exist?

    What is going to happen when the next pastor takes over? Will he have these same qualities? Will it get even worse?

    Don’t believe the lies. Listen to this statement. They have lied to us for years and refuse to do what they have required of us. The evidence is overwhelming.

    Life in Christ outside of CT can be so incredible. You will be amazed how many of the things that trouble you daily will go away.

  18. Whiterose says:

    It’s unfortunate that so many people are falling into the “feel good trap” of the “family” that CT offers. While there are those that TRULY find God while they are there, I know I did, but all too soon I felt the guilt of not being able to meet the standard that they hold each of their members too. A standard that is shared but never really explained and each individual is forced to try to figure it out on their own and belittled if they don’t understand and then asked to leave if they question it.

    There is a secret society and many cliques there and if you are not a part of them, you are looked down on or excluded. Yet everyone is told that there are no longer cliques, that everyone is included in everything. There were those in the young adults that longed to belong and would try and try to get involved with people after church functions with the younger young adults. They would have plans made around them or be excluded from conversations, even while they were standing right there! I saw it happen to too many older young adults.

    I totally agree with TimeToSpeakOut’s above post regarding the young adult women into their thirties, even some of the younger women, that long to get married but have no options. They are frustrated with the lack of interest that the single men have in getting married. These women don’t feel worthy enough for some of these “boys” because of their supposed spiritual eliteness or these women have someone that is interested in them and they are being pursued for potential engagement and then have a new girl come along, the “fresh meat”, and a wedding happens 3 weeks later and the more proven women are left dumbfounded. The elitism that these “boys” have is learned from the top and unfortunately, there’s also an over familiarity that these “boys” have with those around them thinking of these eligible women are looked at as their “sister” and they don’t want to be married to their “sister”! I’ve seen it happen, even experienced it and it leaves these women in a state of unbelief and questioning what is wrong with them. Bob preaches that women are an inferior being, that they should be treated as a delicate flower, and that they will always let their emotions get the best of them. The thing that these “boys” don’t see, which will never be told to them, is that these women are strong roses that should be treated as equals, as warriors that would stand beside them through the toughest battle whether spiritual or physical.

    Yes, life outside of CT is incredible, you are able to find God again, be free, have freedom to see extended family again, be free to fellowship with other believers outside of CT and live your life exactly how God intended it, free in HIM without boundaries!

  19. tierk says:

    People are free to do whatever they want, they are not obligated to marry the more seasoned maidens (you are just trained to believe that because you’ve been there longer and/or are more “spiritual” that you are next to be wedded). Calvary Temple just wants more control by having their own people intermarry so that its more difficult to leave if you ever wanted to because your your whole family and support system is there. Stop living in a mind controlled box, get out and be free from their supreme dominion in your life. Calvary Temple is a cult.

  20. Thoughtful Conclusions says:

    After the Jim Jones mass suicide in 1978, a new term was born when talking about cults. It was “drinking the Kool-Aid”.

    This phrase and the act it represents is a great illustration of how one person can control people to a point where they ignore the obvious and do things they know in their heart are wrong. Ideology becomes more important than facts. Evidence that does not support the cause is explained away with “one liners” leaving a value system based on “we are always right”. The answer to every question has to support the belief that “we are right everyone else is wrong”. In a cult you will find incredibly smart people. They are successful in their careers through an ability to thoughtfully analyze and understand information and make correct decisions. And yet these same people are trained to turn off their brain when facts do not support what is taught by their leader.

    Here are some things I observed CT over the years, I saw a clever system with three levels of Kool-Aid.

    1) Those that drink the Kool-Aid

    These are the congregation who go to meetings and home groups trusting in their deacons and others “assigned over them”. Many by nature are good people who want to do what is right.

    There are some who never question believing all the information handed down is done for their good.

    Others are skeptical of what is being said but have been trained through criticism, intimidation and family concerns to turn reasoning off concerning church topics.

    Still there are others who see it for what it is and want out but are afraid of the consequences.

    2) Those that mix the Kool-Aid

    These are the deacons and young adult leaders. They have proven to those above that they will toe the line and do as they are told. Information disseminated from the top is presented exactly as stated.

    One has to believe that most deacons are troubled by many things required of them. I am still amazed that most of them read the email and know of the incredible three years of rape during Bible College/Youth Pastor. Many also know of other molestations that occurred at CT over the years and were covered up. But over time, these men who are very smart seem to have replaced the logic used at work with the logic and value system needed to be successful at CT.

    Compromise dulls the senses and they again set aside facts that do not support the system. I believe some to be, by nature, good people but the years have taken their toll.

    3) Those that manufacture Kool-Aid

    This is the most troubling group. I see this as the group of men who establish the policy.
    They are the Pastors, Elders, Greer and Kimberly.

    These men and women make up the rules and create the value system handed down and implemented by deacons and others assigned to interact with the common members. They examine the information passed up by the deacons and young adult leaders, mete out judgment and send it back down the chain of command.

    Policy (doctrine) is modified to deal with facts that do not support the value system. For example, when his sin was revealed, the policy (doctrine) became Forgiveness. In reality, it was forgiveness for Star Scott but not for anyone wanting to leave because he lied to us all these years and continues to lie about it today.

    How can one man harm so many people for such a long time and get those that remain to suspend facts and reason over ideology? It is simple, they have been trained to turn off their brain and ignore the obvious.

    When the topic is molestation and rape, change the conversation to how CT helps people.

    When the topic is single women can only marry within CT, change the conversation to “but this person waited for so many years and look what God did. If you wait, God will give you the perfect husband”.

    If the topic is the elitist culture of CT, change the conversation to “you are a toe and should be thankful you are part of the body” (ignoring the fact that many at CT are avoided because they are not one of the favored).

    Young adults, again, the evidence is overwhelming. They have you believing parents that have left are being “destroyed by Satan” because they are “rebels to God”. It is not true. They have become aware that the persona created by Star Scott is not real. They left for good reason because he lived a lie daily for forty years and continues to hide other sins you do not yet know about.

    Parents, you have lost your children over a man who claims to have some superior insight and can hear from God in a way that you cannot. It is part of the system that has been set up. They have dulled your senses and taken away your ability to weigh the evidence. If you do your homework and be honest to your heart, you will be able to pull the curtain back and see what Star Scott really is. Your children left because they saw the hypocrisy and the system built to sustain it. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, admit your error and replace it with truth. Restore your family and bring comfort to those you have hurt.

    I pray that we can someday hold our loved ones and experience the peace and joy we so wanted when we first came.

  21. TimeToSpeakOut says:

    A recent post on Tactics of Calvary Temple: “Pastor says that we are under attack. The warfare is from rebels…”.

    Reading that quote, you scratch your head and wonder how someone with his incredible hidden past can say that. You say to yourself; “It does not make sense. How can he say that and sleep at night. There is no logic to that statement”.

    There actually is logic to the above quote. This is how you hide your sin, control people and get their money. You see the same methods in politics and other movements.

    If Star Scott can build a following by criticizing and lying about other people and churches, can we not point out truth and bring his “sins to the light” (his phrase)? Are we rebels because we wish to free families and friends who are unaware of the magnitude of his sin and how much he lied to keep it hidden?

    We are not attacking the people of CT. Myself and others are simply communicating the mountains of evidence that show how much he has lied to us. The facts show fruit of him lying from the very beginning and continuing to lie all these years to the present day. The facts are not attacking him but revealing what he has done. They are revealing incredibly bad fruit. And the longevity of these horrible sins reveals who Starr Scott is. We are just the messenger showing people what he has done and how he has done it. We are revealing the methods he uses that are necessary to hide his sin while achieving money and power.

    I believe Starr Scott is trying to turn our effort to communicate facts into an attack on an entire congregation. This causes anger to rise up in them further affecting their ability to weigh those facts and make thoughtful and thorough conclusions. He is simply manufacturing a different recipe of “Kool-Aid” designed to shut your brain down whenever these topics are discussed.

    I recently received the cover page of a Police Report given by the Herndon Police to someone who left CT. I know it is real because I saw the envelope addressed by the Police. The names were redacted because the two victims were under age.
    • Crime: Sex Offenses-Forcible Sodomy 11b
    • Date: 1973
    • Address: 900 Crestview Dr, Herndon Virginia. Site of the First Assembly of God Church in Herndon in 1973.
    • Date Reported: 3/19/2008

    This event is what Star Scott II spoke of in his email revealing his father’s sin. It is the event that occurred in Virginia when at least one of the young girls from California visited. Could this be what he was speaking of when he said “It was adultery. It happened once. It was a long time ago. It was in a different church. It was dealt with.”? He has told us the best way to lie is to tell half the truth.

    The method is a not so clever way to admit a little while hiding the prior three years. Those who trusted him and did not read the email were tricked into believing a lie. It still amazes me to know many deacons and congregants knew what he was doing and stayed silent.

    The Date Reported is three weeks before Starr II sent his email.

    Young adults and older adults, the facts are overwhelming. It is time to examine and understand what they have done and are still doing. Look around you. Do not be deceived by perceived happy faces. I know you are hurting and afraid. Do not be afraid. Be honest to your heart and follow the Lord. Do you really believe God would call thousands of people to be controlled by someone who has done these horrible things and other sins you do not yet know about? Do you really believe the stories of molestations by other leaders were made up because Star Scott makes a “stand for the word”? There is so much you do not yet know about.

    Seek God with an honest heart open to being wrong. He will show you what they have done. You will be amazed at how wonderful life in Christ outside of Calvary Temple is. You will be amazed as God restores your families and brings true peace to your heart.

  22. kenya says:

    There appears to be a dramatic development in Kenya related to a cult-like Virginia church we wrote about in 2008.

    For more than three decades, Calvary Temple, a Pentecostal church in Sterling, has been a source of controversy. People have been devoting their lives, families and bankbooks to the message preached by founding pastor Star Scott, but hundreds have also left Calvary over the years, saying their families and relationships were destroyed by Scott and an intense culture where people are urged to divorce spouses and shun children who resist Scott’s teachings. People who resist the Calvary way are accused in sermons of hating God.

    Now the same allegations are being leveled at Calvary’s mission churches in Kenya – but in a different cultural context.

    Police in Eldoret, Kenya, have reportedly issued a warrant for the arrest of one of the Calvary pastors, a Virginia man named Ron Zarou, and civic leaders are calling for a probe of the Calvary branch. They say the church wasn’t properly registered, nor is its school and that its members are being forced to leave non-church-member spouses and to marry church members. They also allege the church is improperly taking church members’ financial assets.

    You can also see upset family members at a news conference here, one mother claiming her daughter was married off without her permission.

    This sounds very much like what dozens of former Calvary members described to me about the intense pressure and moral damning that goes on here in Sterling. I called the church for comment but got no call back. I hear from former members that Zarou was whisked out of Kenya and back to Loudoun County for his safety.

    When I wrote the story in 2008, Scott said Calvary has 40 spinoff churches in Africa. The church’s Web site currently lists 18 pastors.

  23. Andrew says:

    I posted the following comment on Facebook a couple days ago. I think it just brings to light another sick method that CT has been using:

    I’m gonna take a couple of seconds to get angry (doesn’t happen most of the time). Some of you might know that I had a restraining order filed against me last month. Anyone that has known me knows that I have never done anything violent, either to my wife or to anyone else. And I would NEVER lay a finger on my girls. But instead of being happy with marking me, they felt that my ideology and ill-timed questions might influence my family in a way that would, I don’t know, deceive them into believing truth over lie (how do you even do that?). Now the judge threw it out (shout out to my sister, part of the Lawrence and Lawrence law firm. We went against a real lawyer and carved them up), but this is not the worst part. The worst part of this is that this is a consistent tactic used by this church. I have friends who have to go through this now and it absolutely pisses me off. Restraining orders are supposed to be used for cases of violence and abuse. There are real people who fear for their lives, and we are wasting courts’ time with these fraudulent claims of abuse. I hope that every time Calvary tries to bring these lies, the judge says what my judge said at my trial–“I’ve had enough. You guys are clearly afraid of something, but I don’t know what it is.” Puts a smile on face every time I think about it…

    For those who are going through this and have questions, please reach out. I’m not a lawyer, but I might have some FREE tips for you. Hang in there. These are liars and cheats…their house of cards is going to crumble. It’s inevitable.

  24. Sydney Case says:

    Please let me know what we can do to help. My husband, children and many friends desperately want our friends out. You are welcome to visit us in New York any time. You have many friends here. Besides, if we ever have legal problems we need a good, inexpensive lawyer! On second thought…bring your sister too!
    Sydney Case

  25. The Outsider Looking in... says:

    Dear friends and fellow Christians.

    I was saved back in late 1979, loved to listen to christian music by Keith Green, and loved to listen to radio preachers like Oliver B Green and yes, Star Scott. I recently tried to look him up to see if i could her some of his old preachings. Well, I did, but I also stumbled on this website.

    Needless to say, I am really saddened to hear of the events that took place. But, maybe more disappointed to hear of all the pain and darkness that has arisen from this man. I am so sorry for each of your pain and hurt. God’s kingdom and family is of course, the polar opposite of this. My prayers to each of you for the love of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit to THOROUGHLY heal you. Only God can do that and He will.

    I’ve always said that it is easy in many respects to be a non-christian, because you can basically do whatever you want. Being a christian is different though, as we are given a set of standards to live to, that are nearly impossible to live up to in the flesh (at least Jesus did not fail us!!). One of the hardest things to do as a christian, I believe, is to really forgive someone who has wronged us. And the greater the wrong, the harder it is to forgive. But, nevertheless, we ARE called to do this.

    Unfortunately, I have read a lot of bitterness throughout these posts. And you know what, I certainly am not casting the first stone, especially because I did not have to walk in your shoes. But, like I always tell my mom (who has unforgiveness and bitterness toward my siblings) unforgiveness only hurts the person holding it. You can say that you forgive Star Scott, but the fruit shows otherwise. My hope is that you can let go and move on and do not dwell in the hurt of the past by this man. God will deal with him, and maybe even the authorities eventually.

    The author of this website is my biggest concern actually. I can see that you are well spoken and have done your homework. But is what you have done here biblical? Is there not a progression within the body for the correction of the saints? And if we have done what God has asked us in that respect, we can wash our hands of the situation. Should Star Scott still be preaching………if everything posted here is true, then clearly not. He has major issues.

    Though what is done here on this site I would ask you, who could live up to it? Who could have their sins listed publicly, and somehow come out unscathed? Who could list their sins and say they still hear from God, or are actually born again, using the rationale you’ve used on this site? One sin is not different form another. Any sin could damn you to hell. Though Scott’s crimes are heinous, and even the inmates in prison would look down on Star Scott, we also sin in the flesh. And if a sin is a sin in God’s eyes, and we sin often, how could anyone ever be born again using your rationale? I thought that is why we are not changed creatures, but NEW creatures. I do not want to get into a theological debate with you, that certainly isn’t my purpose for posting here.

    But, I do not believe dragging his name through the mud and publicly listing his sin would please God. Seems to me that you started out honestly trying to expose this man and warn the people left behind, but it got out of control. My suggestion as a brother in Christ is to move on, be at peace, and be a support to people from CT that are trying to justify leaving. I say these things with humility and an understanding of who I am in Christ. Don’t let devil win here. Don’t let the unsaved see this site and read it along with all the comments, and say, “what goes on here is nothing different than what I’m used to, no reason here to become a christian. Looks like the church has as many problems as the rest of the world.” We are called out to be separate, to be something appealing enough about the Truth, that when God plows the field of a man’s heart to make it ready, the seed we plant will eventually bear fruit.

  26. Sydney says:

    Dear Outsider looking in,
    Brandon and Naomi are definitely not bitter, (they would not post your comment if they were.) What they are doing is trying to expose the truth. Innocent people are being harmed beyond repair and it will not stop unless those like Brandon and Naomi speak up. I personally know people who have escaped because of this blog. Because Brandon and Naomi are doing what they can to defend the helpless. God bless these dear people. And of course some are bitter. They have lost everything. They have even been told by these wolves in sheeps clothing that they have lost their salvation. But God is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He knows they are frail and He loves them still.

  27. Once Inside, Now Outside says:

    Dear Outside looking in,

    You say rightly that people have been greatly harmed by the darkness and pain that have come from the hand of Star Scott. Thank you for praying for those of us who have been deeply wounded. I hope that you will continue to do so.

    Unfortunately, I do not believe you have any way of knowing the depth of sin perpetrated by Star Scott. As you stated, you have not walked in the shoes of those harmed by him. I wish you could for just one day. Countless families have been affected by the actions of Star Scott and his pastor and deacons. For months, years and decades, parents have not seen their children or grandchildren. Children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, all have experienced the heartache of losing their loved ones. You mention your concern for Brandon, the author of this blog. Perhaps if you heard his personal testimony, you might understand the depth of pain he has endured. I assume you never attended CT, if you had you might have a different outlook. I ask you, do you have a wife, children, or grandchildren? I wonder if you would feel differently if you had not seen them for months or years. I wonder if you, like many of us, might spend sleepless nights worrying about the safety of your daughter or granddaughter, son or grandson. Sleepless nights grieving for your wife. How does one just “let go” and “move on”? Should we leave our wounded on the battlefield? Are we not our brother’s keeper?

    Yes, perhaps you sense anger in the writers of the comments on this blog. These are but a small number of those devastated by the false doctrine of Calvary Temple. Of course they are angry! I believe God is angry on our behalf. He does not take lightly His children being harmed by false shepherds. Bitterness? I cannot answer for everyone but I will say that walking in forgiveness concerning CT and the loss of all we hold dear is a constant battle. It is only by God’s never-ending grace that we can remain free of unforgiveness. Each morning brings the same battle – our loved ones are beyond our reach, our grandchildren are growing up never knowing their grandparents. Godly men and women have been cut off from their loved ones because they could no longer endure and support the atrocities of Calvary Temple leadership.

    You ask if it is right to bring to light the sins of this one man. I point you to 1 Timothy 5:20 – “But those elders who are sinning you are to reprove before everyone, so that others may take warning.” Also, Ephesians 5″11 – “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Had he repented, stepped down from ministry, and submitted to those in authority over him, his sin would not have been made public. He continually has refused the ministry of others who care for his soul.

    You mention the unsaved seeing this site and believing that the church is no different than all they have known in the world. This is the very reason these things MUST be brought to the light. Should we, the church of Jesus Christ, cover and protect those who are harming the innocent? Will the world look at us no differently than those who hide their own sins? Should we not be different? God tells us in 1 Peter – “it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household.” How much more damaging for the world to discover us hiding the grievous sins of one of our own. We, the church, need to be willing to admit that we also are in need of a Savior.

    Please continue to pray for our families. We are in need of God’s strength in these final hours. Pray that we can yet see our loved ones restored to us. And please pray for those inside Calvary Temple that on the day their eyes are opened, they will not be overcome with grief for the years lost but will instead rejoice in God’s great goodness.

  28. I received the following information and police report that could be related to the molesting. Please follow the link below to see the post related to this information.

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